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The current landscape in the NHS presents challenges and opportunities alike.  Performance and restructuring is one the most important agenda items for government and the NHS to tackle, and organisations are increasingly looking to make sure they continue:


  • to control their cost base
  • deliver competitiveness and differentiation
  • increase levels of productivity
  • develop models of sustainability


The approach for organisations to achieve this will be multifaceted and will require different approaches to build growth and sustainability.


3 Questions (Don’t stop at Question 2)


Is your team well led?
Is your team performing?
Is your team well?


Evidence supports:


Health and wellness programmes have a positive impact on benefits through increased employee productivity, reduced employee absenteeism, and improved employee engagement.


The trend towards encouraging preventative treatment of illness by developing the right business and community culture towards health and well-being of populations.


Building a sustainable future, in terms of economic growth, but also the factors that feed into this type of growth, such as a healthy population which lives for longer and is productive.


People are the cornerstone for the NHS’s success. Building a culture of health and vitality pays dividends for an organization and its people.


That must be the most obvious and most sensible thing to do for our nation’s largest employer?





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