A text message reminder on Clinical Administration

  |   Thought Leadership

sms-logo1Check your Hospital Cost Improvement programme today and you may find “Admin and Clerical staff” along with the other easy targets such as non-ward based Nursing and Procurement.


Before embarking on the salami-slice exercise take an hour to review your:


  • RTT and Cancer performance;
  • Administrative and Clerical Turnover rates;
  • Use of administrative agency staff;
  • DNA and Cancellation rates;
  • Theatre lists utilisation;
  • Short-notice cancellations;
  • Cancellations
  • Chronological booking systems;
  • Compliance against your RTT treatment policies;
  • Complaints and Customer Experience;


The key to meeting quality standards, maximising revenues, reducing variation and all of the quality and access indicators listed above is not the Doctor.


It is effective clinical administration-the delivery of processes that enable the clinical staff to deliver the right services at the right time.


“Good clinical administration improves quality and reduces costs”


So if you are restructuring the administrative function, make sure that the indicator you use to measure success is not just head count and bottom-line.


“You could end up making a case for investment….or a very expensive mistake.”