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Andrew Irvine


Healthcare Operations Performance Improvement


Andrew has a broad portfolio of over 18 years experience in the UK NHS, Australasian Healthcare Market and Global Healthcare Management Consulting.
Andrew has been an Executive Director in the Acute Sector, and has unique insights into Community and Secondary Care.


Andrew has a comprehensive track record of working across health systems between commissioners and providers on re-configuration and operational performance improvement. He has experience of successfully leading a national improvement programme for the Department of Health.


Andrew is a performance improvement and delivery specialist who is passionate about client delivery and adding value to the public sector. He has comprehensive experience of acute sector operational management within a broad range of acute specialties in large teaching hospitals and community service organisations.


He has worked in the overseas health markets on urgent care systems in remote healthcare conurbations.


He has a MA in Managing Healthcare Organisations awarded by the University of Manchester Business School.


Andrew Irvine