Can I borrow your watch?

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Over the last 10 years the NHS has witnessed an unprecedented explosion in data. Predictions point to that trend continuing and further enhanced by the need for greater transparency.


NHS data should be treated like intellectual property – it belongs to the NHS.  By definition as long as patient confidentiality is secured it shouldn’t be protected, re-hashed and then charged back out again to NHS clients.


In the social era, with connections and open sourcing creating more value for business, we can see the opportunities for NHS data approaching a cross roads. Share the information, use it to implement change, or keep the information back because it protects self-interests.




Because NHS data is not explicitly open sourced, MBI could use existing NHS data, (intellectual property) and then charge NHS clients to present it back to them with a different brand on it. MBI could get incumbent NHS clients to do the analysis with confidential datasets, and then charge other NHS clients for it. We don’t do that, but we could.


“Looks great… it should do, it is your data.”


We believe NHS data should be open source:


  • NHS data is the big opportunity for revenue growth globally;
  • Better outcomes will result in sharing information more widely;
  • Better value from investment in external advisors will be achievable;


It will increase transparency all round.


You can tell me the time