How can you do it?

  |   Thought Leadership

This last week we were privileged to listen to a group from New Zealand describe how health system integration had taken shape after the earthquake, and following that a presentation from NHS Kernow on the Newquay Integration Pilots being rolled out across Cornwall.


Afterwards, one attendee shared concerns that national Pioneer sites were in danger of losing momentum due to the system not being able to overcome their own structural concerns and immediate funding issues.


We have reflected on both the New Zealand and NHS Kernow examples and the question is this:“How did a group of professionals achieve it?”


Here is our take on it and it is in large part inspired by a story recorded by Nilofer Merchant.


Instead of plans and formal processes, they focused on doing. Instead of doing what was “required”, they figured out what was necessary. Most central– they tapped into the people whocared, the people who wanted to come together to solve a problem.


What NHS Kernow and the New Zealand team described more than anything can be called by a simple name: community.


Mobilised by Care. Organised by Trust. Motivated by Purpose.


Communities can get things done. They can allow seemingly powerless people do powerful things. And, more to the point, communities enable anyone– quite possibly everyone– to create value … however, and wherever they can.


If you are in a health and social care system and you are pursuing integration but focused on plans and formal processes, agreeing economic costing models and organisational form, our advice is this:


Take a short pause to consider your own community.