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Sir Malcolm Dalrymple-Hay


Healthcare Strategy & Clinical Quality


Malcolm is a practising Consultant Surgeon in a teaching hospital in the UK. He trained not only in the UK, but has also worked in the American and Australasian health care systems.


Malcolm has experience with the commissioning and developing of new clinical services, expertise in service line reporting and configuration of patient centred efficient services.


Malcolm has a PhD, experience with commercially sponsored clinical research and academic NIHR research programmes. He teaches on accredited postgraduate and professional development courses.


Malcolm works within professional societies to develop, understand and utilise data on surgical outcomes in the UK and the ways in which this information can improve patient satisfaction and surgical performance. He is familiar with PROMS and has helped the Department of Health develop national guidelines on quality and value of secondary care services.


He is a practicing Consultant within the NHS who understands the clinicians perspective and the necessity to engage clinicians to deliver real changes in the way services are delivered.


Sir Malcolm Dalrymple-Hay