MBI Training

MBI provides bespoke training for providers and commissioners on RTT and Cancer best practice. We are unique in combining ongoing direct technical expertise and training with large scale simulation events as well as online buddying support for everyday queries.


MBI offer a range of packages covering all staff levels within an organisation from administrative staff, to clinicians right through to the Board members.

  • Policies, Standards and Rules
  • Booking and scheduling best practice
  • Capacity and Demand planning
  • Operational Grip and Resilience
  • Clinical Outcomes


We believe that whilst training is crucial on an ongoing basis, there are always cases where having the ability to help with an immediate query are necessary. MBI On-call gives your organisation the security of having these questions answered by a national expert immediately.


Whilst training is always necessary, nothing beats real-world experience. Our simulations are designed to put staff into real world situations and work with them on how best to prepare, organise and implement effective solutions for their patients.

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MBI Health Group passionately believes knowledge is power and in the social age knowledge should be freely available to all. We will never charge you for information and in fact give it away – our fundamental belief is that sharing knowledge benefits everyone.

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