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Out of Hospital Improvement


We work with clients to improve:


Transparency– Timely access to longitudinal data across the care continuum has been a significant limitation to improving health care. Initiatives to create interoperability between clinical systems have been slow to progress. Data becomes more valuable when combined with other data to accelerate learning, innovation, and performance improvement. So, in a value-driven ACO, there is more and more incentive to find ways to aggregate data across existing institutional silos. In short, imagine a world where all provider (GP & Hospital) and commissioners data was shared. On the same platform.


Care Co-ordination-In an increasingly complex health care ecosystem, coordination can help consumers/patients and their caregivers better navigate and tie together various services and products so that they can better manage their own health. The extent of this coordination will need to go beyond just connecting one provider or clinician to the next; consumers/patients will need help in orchestrating a broader array of wellness and well-being solutions integrated into their daily lives—from preventive care to acute care and everything in between. 


Relationships & Collaboration-While coordination is a fundamental capability for delivering consistent evidenced-based medicine and wellness services, collaboration is essential for quality and innovation. The NHS presents both structural and cultural barriers to collaboration. Relationships are the heart of improvement. From patients groups to medical schools.

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