RTT: The High Risk Organisations: November 2014

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On the face of it, it’s been a generally positive month for waiting lists in England.


The overall waiting list has reduced by 137,733 patients, reversing the trend of previous months.


Similarly, the numbers of patients of 18 weeks has reduced by 26,540.


Most impressively, the really long waiting patients have also significantly reduced: patients waiting over 52 weeks has reduced by 148 and patients waiting longer than 39 weeks has come down by 3182.


However scratch the surface and the picture is more complicated. Our two highest risk organisations last month have this month failed to report again which is a significant step backwards in terms of understanding the current position. We congratulated both organisations last month so it seems fair to criticise them this month – Barts and Walsall -what is going on?


This now means that a total of 8 organisations are failing to report:


  • Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Barnet and Chase Farm
  • Barking, Havering and Redbridge
  • Heart of England
  • Royal Berkshire
  • Tameside
  • The Princess Alexandra


So the lesson here is that statistics can be misleading. We have no confidence that the improvement in performance this month is anything other than omitting data and the overall waiting list position is likely to be worse than last month.


But our key message is that we simply do not know because of these 8 rogue organisations.


As usual our Trust rankings are compiled through statistical analysis of past and current performance to give organisations a risk-adjusted ranking and whether their performance is getting worse or better.


Again, we have looked at organisations in three ways:


  • The Shelford Group: the self-styled “leading group of hospitals” in the NHS;
  • Foundation Trusts: hospitals that have earned the right to more freedom from government policy;
  • Non-Foundation Trusts: all the rest of the hospitals.


Why not have a look and see where your local Trust comes in our league table. You can download the list for free HERE