RTT: The Highest Risk Organisations: April 2015

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The latest NHS England waiting times have been released based on data from February 2015.


Firstly, the bad news: the overall waiting list increased this month by 9,567 patients. But wait for it, there is some very good news this month: patients waiting over 18 weeks have dropped by 13,304! And it gets better – those waiting over 26 weeks have dropped by over 7000 and those really long waiters over 39 weeks have come down by 569.


We have been consistently begging Trusts to clear their long waiters and finally it seems to be happening albeit in a very interesting way.


We rank Trusts as to whether their performance is improving or deteriorating over time. Last month 126 Trusts had deteriorating performance – this month that figure has dropped to 94. In other words 32 Trusts have moved to a position of improvement. The really interesting bit is that almost all of these Trusts are Non-Foundation.


Remember, Foundation Trusts are supposed to be the NHS “star achievers”. But in terms of RTT they are being significantly outgunned by the non-foundation hospitals at present. Something dramatic has changed recently with these organisations and they are now doing the right thing. But the Foundation Trusts are not.


This all begs an interesting political question: the Trust Development Authority (TDA) performance manages non-foundation hospitals and they are improving dramatically. In comparison, Monitor performance manages Foundation Trusts and they are clearly not improving at anywhere near the same rate.


At individual hospital level it isn’t good news for everyone.


Imperial College NHS Trust continue to be the worst organisation in England for the 6th month running. Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust continue to be the worst foundation trust but this month the big news is King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have deteriorated significantly to move up from 6th worst overall to 4th worst.


Worse still is that five of the ten worst performing organisations in England sit within the Shelford Group, the so called “leading group of hospitals”. If this is their definition of leadership we are all in trouble! Here’s the five:


  •  Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – Worst in England.
  • Cambridge University Hospitals NHS FT – 2nd worst in England.
  • King’s College Hospital NHS FT – 4th worst in England.
  • The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital NHS FT – 5th worst in England.
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS FT – 10th worst in England.


Our reading of all this: congratulations to all the non-FTs who are making great progress – hats off to you. But to our so called leading lights – FTs and the Shelford Group, we say this: a significant upping of your game is required.


As usual our Trust rankings are compiled through statistical analysis of past and current performance to give organisations a risk-adjusted ranking and whether their performance is getting worse or better.


Again, we have looked at organisations in three ways:


  • The Shelford Group: the self-styled “leading group of hospitals” in the NHS;
  • Foundation Trusts: hospitals that have earned the right to more freedom from government policy;
  • Non-Foundation Trusts: all the rest of the hospitals.


Why not have a look and see where your local Trust comes in our league table. You can download the list for free HERE


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