RTT: The Highest Risk Organisations: February 2015

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As the election looms larger the waiting list figures are getting more scrutiny than usual.


The overall waiting list has reduced slightly this month by 61,812 patients – however the number of patients waiting over 18 weeks has grown by 9,524. The most important standard, the “incomplete”, which measures all patients still waiting for treatment is deteriorating. The standard is set at 92% and the NHS generally has beaten it consistently. However in recent months it has been getting worse, and this month sits at 92.8%. We think it is highly likely to dip into failing in the coming months.


Worse news still for patients who are waiting a really long time – with patients who have waited over 26 weeks growing by 9,872 and those over 39 weeks growing by 1,385. We have seen a new “national validation” effort launched but as yet, very little impact is showing in the numbers.


At hospital level it has been another bad month for Imperial – continuing to be the worst organisation in England for the 4th month running and its figures are almost double as bad as our next worst Trust, North Bristol.


On the Foundation Trust side, congratulations to University College London, who have gone from the worst performing organisation to 11th in the list – a significant improvement! A special mention also for Tameside, who have reported their figures again this month – which is always good to see. Unfortunately, they enter the risk list at 5th position but great effort to be reporting again. Newcastle, Cambridge and University Hospitals Bristol top the list as worst performing FTs. Bad news also comes this month from Colchester, who have not reported any figures.


This now means that a total of 8 organisations continue failing to report:


  • Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Barnet and Chase Farm
  • Barking, Havering and Redbridge
  • Heart of England
  • Royal Berkshire
  • Colchester
  • The Princess Alexandra


As usual our Trust rankings are compiled through statistical analysis of past and current performance to give organisations a risk-adjusted ranking and whether their performance is getting worse or better.


Again, we have looked at organisations in three ways:


  • The Shelford Group: the self-styled “leading group of hospitals” in the NHS;
  • Foundation Trusts: hospitals that have earned the right to more freedom from government policy;
  • Non-Foundation Trusts: all the rest of the hospitals.


Why not have a look and see where your local Trust comes in our league table. You can download the list for free HERE