RTT: The Highest Risk Organisations: July 2015

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The latest NHS England waiting times have been released based on data from May 2015.


This month the overall waiting list has continued to grow adding circa 150,000 patients to last months already highest total. Worse than that is that patients waiting longer than 26 weeks has gone up by 7500 and those over the magic 1 year are also up by over 200. On the face of it terrible news all round. However, digging into these figures shows that almost 100% of this relates to one issue: The Royal Free in London have now added Barnet and Chase Farm RTT figures into theirs. Previously, Barnet and Chase Farm were not reporting at all. As we always say, its a positive step to report so congratulations for having the courage to do it. That said, the numbers that have been reported are shocking.


With almost 7000 patients waiting over 18 weeks and 195 patients over 1 year Royal Free have rocketed from 60th position to top of the risk list and these figures dwarf the next riskiest Trust, being almost 3000 patients higher than East Kent. To say that the Barnet figures are disgraceful would be an understatement, and the fact that they haven’t reported them for so long is even worse.


Reading the Royal Free Board papers, they are doing a huge amount of work to fix this – much to their credit but they are having to validate upwards of 20,000 patients due to the IT systems at Barnet. We have said this before but the number of Trusts failing to do due diligence around their waiting lists when implementing IT systems is a huge issue in the NHS at the moment and we do not believe it gets anywhere near the level of attention it needs. Suppliers of these systems are equally culpable, because the bottom line here is that patients are the ones that suffer as a result. For all Trusts thinking or about to implement a new system we say stop – take the time to be 100% sure and ask for help BEFORE not AFTER the system goes live.


Of the rest of the bunch, its the usual suspects: East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, Brighton and Sussex NHS University Hospitals NHS Trust, Imperial, Norfolk and Norwich University NHS Foundation Trust and Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust all have more than 4000 patients over 18 weeks each!


One other Trust deserves a mention as well: We always talk about how positive it is when a Trust returns to reporting so its only fair to be hugely negative when a Trust stops reporting as Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has. Their last reported position was that they had almost 4500 patients over 18 weeks so not reporting is a terrible disservice to the public.

As usual our Trust rankings are compiled through statistical analysis of past and current performance to give organisations a risk-adjusted ranking and whether their performance is getting worse or better.


Again, we have looked at organisations in three ways:


  • The Shelford Group: the self-styled “leading group of hospitals” in the NHS;
  • Foundation Trusts: hospitals that have earned the right to more freedom from government policy;
  • Non-Foundation Trusts: all the rest of the hospitals.


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