RTT: The Highest Risk Organisations: September 2014

  |   MBI Perform

The latest RTT position for Trusts in England were released today and we have been crunching the numbers.


As usual our rankings are compiled through statistical analysis of past and current performance to give organisations a risk-adjusted ranking and whether their performance is getting worse or better.


Again, we have looked at organisations in three ways:


  • The Shelford Group: the self-styled “leading group of hospitals” in the NHS;
  • Foundation Trusts: hospitals that have earned the right to more freedom from government policy;
  • Non-Foundation Trusts: all the rest of the hospitals.


With the election looming, NHS performance and in particular waiting list performance is highly to be a hot topic. Unfortunately for the government the picture remains challenged.


The highlights this month are:


  • Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust has moved up to become the highest risk Trust in England.
  • Foundation Trusts still account for a higher percentage of patients over 18 weeks than non-Foundation Trusts.
  • 5 organisations continue to fail to report RTT figures meaning that the national picture is undoubtedly much worse than this position. 


Why not have a look and see where your local Trust comes in our league table. You can download the list for free HERE