The Disruptors exist-it’s the incumbents we need to mobilise

  |   Thought Leadership

In July, NHS IQ published a White Paper. It is excellent and its dissemination needs to be widespread.


Take some time to read it.


Many of the minds and voices that you will read in the White Paper and the Reference sites would be able to offer our health system significant insight and fresh thinking. We may now have read something about them, but we are yet to hear them and yet to see them deliver mainstream change.


Many of our clients are truly ready to disrupt and lead complex transformation programmes across their health and social care systems. And yet, they are still finding barriers and blockages in their path.


The current government and health regulators are a paradox. They have set up the system so providers and commissioners have to look at disruptive strategies and yet they aren’t asked to do the same.


There is no alternative to being on or off the FT pipeline, enforced special measures, inspection and compliance.  The established professional bodies and audit firms know that any proof of success they see in others using new methods is also proof that something is erasing the gains they hold, which leads to a tension, and often paralysis.


At the moment, the paralysis is represented by a wave of nostalgia, a reliance on process assurance and unwillingness to take any risks.


Soon, incumbents and process junkies at the centre will feel threatened by their own lack of progress, which they will continue to blame outwardly on the market disruptors. This means innovators have to serve a rather unexpected need.


More than anything, they have to help those incumbents move on from the paralysis.


And that is where NHS IQ can make its mark.