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In the last week, the NHS has received the Kirkup report and has gone through a re-birth. Who is writing the headlines?


Comedy is all about timing. This week it was a good time for NHSE to show contrition and understanding to a cohort of patients and families from Morecambe Bay and work through the recommendations from Kirkup and their wider implications.


By the end of the week, NHSE were focusing on the new NHS.


It was an interesting message for many families fighting for recognition and change after poor care. Progress and change is important, but it should be considered. This week was a tragi-comedy.


Timing aside, the key reference point for the value of the new NHS models is the quality of care delivered. In that context, let us consider the current position.


Management & Regulation of Quality is confusing. Consider the quality framework.


Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.48.45


The approach towards quality improvement is a regulatory tick box exercise.


Too often a quality and governance review is undertaken “reacting” to an incident and the subsequent regulator intervention-all of which are different.


Data analysis features in a quality improvement programme, however there are obvious flaws in the data collected nationally. There is rarely peer or patient ownership of the data reviewed.


NHS culture is essentially self-serving, and self-protective. This is not entirely through choice, as for the last 30 years political targets and failure demand have dwindled NHS innovation and local accountability.


Why Kirkup matters for Vanguards


It would have been a high-risk strategy for the PR gurus at NHSE to promote Kirkup as the platform for Vanguards to focus on the correct interventions. But the audience is an educated one, so why not take the risk?


Here is our evaluation.


A Vanguard to support is focused on patient outcomes and care improvement and it will require support on:

  • Clinical & Patient Leadership
  • Peer Driven Data Sets;
  • Transparent Data Collection;
  • Validation of data sets and evaluation criteria;
  • Patient mapping and flow;
  • Peer Agreements & Accountability;
  • Engagement with its users;
  • Publication of its data.


A Vanguard to question will require support on:

  • Contract models;
  • Legal Frameworks;
  • Governance Models;
  • Payment mechanisms;
  • Increasing its Twitter followers;
  • How we can use the Vanguard process as a bridge towards becoming a Population Healthcare Provider.


Please choose the right bus.