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There is a lot of babble in the NHS.


What happened to the word “Service”? It is a much better word than Pioneer.


This blog is about transparency. It is not about the war between the Old vs the New NHS, beautifully written about in this blog.


As a parent of a disabled child, I can provide chapter on grief, frustration, dis-empowerment, discontinuity of care. As advisors to NHS clients, we often see the limits of capacity to deliver timely services to patients.


We are not in a war between Old & New.


If you want more transparency in the NHS, there is no doubt that reform of professional cultures, organisations, self-interests are crucial. The biggest obstacle to overcome is Fear.


And for New Revolutionaries, the biggest obstacle is the onset of Cognitive Bias.


When an incumbent is afraid, in business, friendship or family life what method would you use to reduce their fear, enable them to work or communicate with you?


Regulate them, tweet in a personal capacity about them, put them into special measures, and tell them they are failing?


Or would you listen, build mutual understanding, counter your bias and equip leaders in the organisations you wish to change. Leaders who are often ill-prepared for shifting political winds that change the importance of regulatory issues?


One method takes minutes and will make you angry and unhappy.


The other might just work.