Why be so defensive on your 65th birthday?

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BXE151E-400x300It has been a remarkable few weeks for you as you approach your 65th birthday. Hospital performance and regulator wrong doing. Media commentary has been running white hot. This last two weeks has seen this commentary coincide with your 65th birthday which makes the current reform schedule even more poignant for many of your people.


Can we look at your current situation through a different lens?


So what if the government wants to run you differently? After all, private healthcare exists and has done for many years. In many ways you are already privatised and competition is good for stimulating performance. Many of your hospitals are unsustainable and need to close or be encouraged to federate with larger providers. Are you really satisfied with primary care access, health and social care integration, the use of technology?


Have you ever encouraged professionals to design services around user requirements or use customer experience data to inform strategy and service provision?


The government are legitimate in comparing healthcare services in the UK against other forms of service industries and wonder why consumers aren’t more decisive, campaigning for service change and better quality. Health users in the UK default to a position of limited power and influence.


Try and forget about survival of the Empire and how it can respond. It isn’t really about your institutional response.


The government are disrupting you. It is their idea of a force to change market conditions and promote innovation. Isn’t that what is being asked of your organisations? Can you see the disruption as an opportunity to create and develop services, not an opportunity to retrench and be defensive?


“The real policy shift is not about your organisations. It is about your users.”


The government may just want us to think and use you differently? No more big government intervention. Policy after all doesn’t build new systems of care. Users of the system do that. Regulators ensure consumers get a fair deal.


The topic for your 65Th celebration party is not what methods you use to defend yourself, or lobbying professional groups to undermine government policy.  The party should consider how you can influence the users of your service to change and how you can respond to our needs in the future. Because helping to implement a consumer led healthcare system will enable you to set yourself free from disruption.


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